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Former New England Patriots NFL football player Aaron Hernandez, right, sits with defense attorney Charles Rankin, left, while attending a pre-trial hearing at Suffolk Superior Court, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015, in Boston. Hernandez is charged with killing two Boston men in 2012 after a chance encounter at a nightclub. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, Pool)

Hernandez leaves behind letter detailing bisexual boyfriend

New England NFL Patriot, Aaron Hernandez who recently hanged himself in a prison cell with a bed sheet last week, after being convicted of murdering his friend, Odin Lloyd in April 2015, just two years ago, had left behind three letters. One was written to his daughter, another to his wife, and the last to a highschool friend who Aaron had bisexual relations with.  Patriot Wire reported that only Hernandez’  victim, Odin knew about his bisexuality and “his complicated sex life and (Odin) could pass that information to his girlfriend, the sister of the Patriot’s player’s fiancée.” Thus this would severely damage his reputation as a NFL player and even his whole career if Odin, who had reportedly teased Hernandez, calling him a “smoocher,” an offensive term used towards gays, had spoken out about his secret.

Newsweek had then revealed various pieces of information supporting his bisexuality aside from Odin calling Hernandez a “smoocher,” he was found to have a male lover outside of prison who was mentioned in one of his suicide notes and had received a share of Hernandez money upon his arrest along with his fiancee’ and daughter, according to a former high school class mate.

 Starcasm points out another claim by Newsweek just minutes ago, ” Aaron Hernandez’s alleged homosexual relationship became of interest to detectives only after it became clear that Hernandez’s friends’ and associates’ knowledge of it may have led to Lloyd’s murder.” The claim reinforces the murder was to keep the NFL Patriot star’s homosexuality hidden. His private funeral service will be taken place later today April 24, 2017  in his hometown of Bristol, CT.

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