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Israeli-American creates bomb threat hoax to spread lie about ‘rising anti-semitism.’

Israel has indicted an 18-year-old Jewish man with dual American-Israeli citizenship for making bomb threats to Jewish community centers (JCCs) in the United States, among other actions. He was arrested after a joint probe by US and Israeli authorities.

Michael Ron David Kadar made more than 2,000 threatening calls to schools, airports, police stations, malls and other targets over a span of two years, Israeli prosecutors say.

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Here is where CNN records one of the calls Michael Ron David Kadar–Blitzer, Anderson, among others who are fanatical pro-zionist, and therefore, jump on any opportunity to raise thoughts of the Holocaust–while making it prevalent to today’s coincidental, un-related events. 

This is all part of the NWO that has been planned, ordained, and enacted by high bankers like Rothschilds—the elite who plan to wipe out and subvert humanity.

Here is the most recent example of the anti-semitism on the rise, CNN goons creating another false and phony narrative in victimization of Israeli cuckoldry.

Sad sad day when America bows at the foot of Israeli masters—the United Nation hacks who have carried out the demonic will of eugenics, Planned Parenthood changed from the name of Population Crisis International. The very things they criticize Hitler for, trying to exterminate non-whites (abortion effecting non-whites 3x white babies).

American First is not a substitute for Israeli serfdom.

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