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South African Government Exterminating White Farm Owners with brutal Genocide

South Africa is a country which has been steeped in a long history of colonial bloodshed and violence. Out of this, we’ve seen the rise of such revolutionary peace leaders as Nelson Mandela. Mandela represents the deep history, tensions, and ultimate victory for the black majority in the country who were so long left out of the governmental positions of power.

Now, South African President Jacob Zuma is ramping up the anti-white hatred that is washing the countryside. He has openly called for a public expropriate of all white-owned farms without compensation.

An elderly victim shown here, Genocide watch says South Africa is showing all the signs of a genocide

From an article on the ALTRight.com

“South African President Jacob Zuma pledged Thursday to break up white ownership of business and land to reduce inequality, in a State of the Nation address disrupted by a fistfight, walkouts and a release of pepper spray in the parliamentary chamber.

The speech, as well as the verbal and physical clashes inside the legislature, highlights increasingly fraught divisions over the future course of Africa’s most developed economy. Mr. Zuma’s focus on redistribution comes as his African National Congress party prepares to elect a new leader to succeed him in December and as he finds himself under growing pressure over corruption allegations. …

“Today we are starting a new chapter of radical socioeconomic transformation,” Mr. Zuma said, adding that 22 years after the end of apartheid “white households earn at least five times more than black households.”

Mr. Zuma said that his government would this year propose changes to the country’s competition rules to make it easier to “deconcentrate” high levels of ownership in certain sectors and open up the economy to black-owned businesses.

He also said that he planned to send back to Parliament a bill that will make it easier for authorities to redistribute land taken away from blacks during colonization, although white landowners will still receive market prices for any seized land.”

Specifically, these genocide attacks are targeting rural white farm owners. These murders have

“According to Carte Blanche, an investigative news program on South African television, there were 16 recorded murders in 46 gruesome farm attacks across South Africa in February alone.

And even that may underestimate the total, as the government buries and conceal the data, often classifying the murders and tortures as “robberies.”

Others who have studied the issue, such as specialist investigator Mike Bolhuis of Project Farm Murders, say the numbers are as high as two to three farm murders per day.”

Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton, a former anti-apartheid activist, visited South Africa in 2012 on a fact-finding mission and warned that the nation was showing signs that precede genocide, WND reported at the time.

“Things of this sort are what I have seen before in other genocides,” he said of the murdered white farmers. “This is what has happened in Burundi, it’s what happened in Rwanda. It has happened in many other places in the world.”

Characteristic of these rural white farm murders is an unprecedented level of brutality and torture. In many cases, the attackers hogtie, sodomize, humiliate, and torture the victims before they die… Where is the leftist cuck media when there is black-on-white genocide in South Africa?

Mr. Lynn, a rural farmer in South Africa shows how the attackers tortured him with a blow torch


evidence of victims:

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  1. Te history of South Africa is quite different fro what is promulgated by the western liberal press.

    White South Africans did not steal the land from the Bantu tribes. They settled the land and established farms where there were no “native” residents. The Bantu tribes, such as the Xhosa and the Zulus were not native to South Africa. They moved south from northern Rhodesia at the same time as whites were moving north from the Cape Province and Natal.

    The land was already settled by whites. We are now told that the whites stole the land from the blacks. This is total BS, but very convenient for the liberal left.

    Now the land is being stolen from the whites by the blacks and redistributed by the black racist government.

  2. Thats what I’m saying, these leftists are using this equality stuff to steal and seize up private property.

  3. And as usual, this will lead to the Country starving to death and calls for the UN to come in and save their asses. History keeps repeating over and over.

    • Correct. “Africa’s most developed economy”. How do they think it became the most developed? The white people’s hard work and brains. Every farm that has been taken from whites are now desolate. No animals, no fruit, no crops. Yes, they will be hungry and crying for food. They are ignorant and unteachable savages.

  4. April 3rd 2017
    Lived in South Africa for 4 years, worked in Rhodesia ,Botswana In 1976 met 4 mercenaries at at Meikels hotel in Salsbury Rhodesia who were helping the white farmers maintain their land.
    They told me about the horrible way white children were being murdered, along with whites.
    I made a decision after seeing a lot of brutality by Radical blacks to leave and go back to my homeland.
    What a bloody Joke the way the Liberals praise DICTATORS !!! Stupid is Stupid does !!!

  5. No one is willing to tell the truth look at history and look at Black leaders please prove me wrong! Mandela was no Saint he killed people. Just name one black leader who has been a model for the world? The facts speaks for themselves. I am not a white supremacist and have known a lot of really wonderful black women but only a few wonderful black men. Alas there are more nasty black men than nice. Why I am not sure! Black women should rule South Africa along with whites as there are too many ruthless male black leaders who care little about anyone really except there own black gangs.

  6. You people are sick! Who asked for whites to even be there not the natives of course. What they are experiencing now is called karma. White people promoted genocide upon many civilizations. It’s time now that they compensate for their own brutality.

    • you’re a brainwashed cuck. id love to blast a mf like you. This is the brainwashing. The whites build up and developed all of south africa before the blacks were even living in those areas. the whites were there first! wake up cuck and stop being brainwashed!

  7. Just read about someone who thinks the world is a big Fluffy ball, and only Fluffy’s, and Snow Flakes can live in it except whites, “We are so Really Bad”.
    Listen it is evident that you follow the pied piper ” He blows his flute and people like you, follow.
    I’ve seen carnage left by your black friends. They’ll kill for the sake of killing,like a wolf. The difference is
    they murder their own kind along with whites and any other color that’s handy.
    If you haven’t been there, learn about it, the whites were there first along with a few bushmen.
    I would love to see your face when the Indians come and throw ‘you’ out of ‘their’ land.

  8. An historically correct analysis. Neither the bantu migrants that moved south from central Africa nor the whites from Europe can claim property based on “seniority”. Only bushmen, and in small numbers, which incidentally were brutalized by both white and black might have a “seniority” claim to the cape regions. White English, Dutch, French and some other Europeans migrated first for the singular purpose of settling on land and live peacefully as farmers. Concomitantly, the Bantu arrived. They were nomadic, semi-neolithic hunters in those days and mostly following herds and herding. Therefore, any attempt to claim the southern African lands based on bantu seniority is incorrect and those who perpetuate it are ignorant of history. Many white families have farmed these contested lands, for four or more generations, and are being brutalized largely justified by this gross distortion of history

  9. Way the go Bruce ‘that’s the truth !
    Glad to hear someone knows some of the history about South Africa.
    The Boers (farmers) had many hardships moving north to the Transvsvaal and eastern provinces where they met the Zulus now this is over 600 miles north of Capetown.
    There is a monument ( I was there )called the Voertrekker Monument in tribute to the hardships of the Boers where thousands died on their trek.

    Zulus got involved with the Boers, when they were heading south.

    Mandela the leader ANC (African National Congress) was spared his life because he would be a Martyr.
    Him and his buddies slaughtered many nuns and hacked them up in Port Elisabeth and spread their remains in the fields so the animals would eat them and leave no trace them . Unfortunately he was found out along with three or four others and put in jail, the others were hung and he was spared, (Big Mistake ) South Africa now is the murder capitol of the world thanks to Bleeding heart idiots,Who only follow the tune of the pied piper and Fake News. “DO YOU HEAR ONE WORD ABOUT WHAT”S GOING ON THERE” “NO”
    YOU are being programmed to be an Idiot, and always walk around with a foot in your mouth

  10. united nations should take over the genocide problem in south africa.. the new south Africa government can’t handle this white genocide problem… I think united nations has the responsibility to protect whites people from attacked.

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