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CAFOS in Princess Anne, Maryland


IN Princess Anne, Maryland, December 6,2016,  Lisa I. has lived in the family farm dating back many generations… She has watched over time–the industrialization of her backyard with a GIANT CAFO (short for concentrated animal feeding operation). She describes them as ‘a Walmart in her backyard.’ She goes on, ‘It is a threat to publichealth…It is not family-owned farms.’

The farmer across the way justifies the action of his farm because, ‘He goes beyond the regulations to make sure he is very safe for environment.’

A disgruntled landowner is only the surface of the problem. And a business owner who has a giant, scientific slaughter house is only an aspect of a bigger consumer demand….

Poultry, PORK, STEAK, all the major mammal meat products have a wide range of effects… The smell that Lisa is experiencing is the gaseous release of animals at the moment of death and during the cycle of production into the markets to the hands of a hungry consumer… Dr. Robert Lawrence at John Hopkins University has proposed that the general population is a big risk by Endocrine Destructors—chemicals that effect the hormones in the body, ie. Adrenaline, testosterone, etc… John Hopkins has also uncovered research of Poultry workers who are 32x more likely to be infected with e-coli.

These are only the microscopic scale… There is also the global impact–Children who have died in Little Rock, Arkansas and Prairie Grove—CAFO companies like Tyson, Cobb, Simmons, Foster Farms—And many that are multinational suppliers from CHINA, MEXICO, BRAZIL. For these suppliers, the packed meat has very long travel times: Hence, the birth of Avian Flu, Mad Cow, and H1N1.

Dr. Michael Gregor explains that these viruses and all bird-influenzas start with an example of a duck in a pond that has the infection in the intestinal tract. That is the beginning example…. Now take a football sized CAFO, add 3000 chickens, plus one with an influenza in the intestinal tract… Mass mutations is the problem. And seeing that the molecular buildup of animals and humans is so close—even in the lungs–there is even a better circumstance for the perfect transfer through zoonosis into a pandemic SUPERVIRUS!

CAFOs are among the biggest consumers of pharmaceutical grade immunization like Penicillin and other antibiotics.. These immunization shots pump the animals up–unbalancing the hormones at the short-term benefit of the animals getting big and fat for slaughter… Then, there is the very eerie slippery slope of the humans who consume the meat getting sick and unable to receive treatment because of having resistance to the immunizations that doctors commonly use to treat bacteria and infection.

In a Time Magazine Exclusive,

“Hundreds of massive pig farms came into North Carolina in the 1990s. In Animal Factory, I tell the story of Rick Dove, a former Marine who retired and bought a fishing boat. One day he noticed the fish were dying in really weird ways. First there were the algae blooms. Algae creates oxygen during the day through photosynthesis and expels carbon dioxide at night. When that happens, there’s literally no oxygen in the water. Everything comes crawling up to the shore in the shallowest part of the river, trying to pump water through their gills. By the morning, they’re all dead. Everything — shrimp, crab, little fish called menhaden, eels, bass. People call it a “fish jubilee,” ’cause they can just wade into the river and pick up free food.

Soon after this started happening, Rick Dove noticed the menhaden fish were developing round red circles on their flanks. They’d go into what was called a “death spiral.” They just start swimming into little circles and just die. Nobody knew what was causing this. Pretty soon after that, the fishermen, including Rick and his son, noticed they were getting round red sores on their skin in the parts that touched the water. Then they’d get very disoriented. Fishermen would forget where they lived or where they’d docked their boats. Rick started to do some research. One day he read in a science magazine about pfiesteria, this very odd plankton that emits toxins that stun a fish so it can suck the fish’s blood. That’s what the lesions were. But the toxin also gets in the air, and that’s why fishermen were getting disoriented.”

Like Lisa who sees the threats of this type of farming, now there is Algae that sickens fish, then people–unable to get treatment because of antibiotic and immunization resistance from longterm consumption of CAFO meat… The general public is starting to see through the cracks of these globalist, predatory farmers.

Thanks to Capital News Service for the video.

For more content, Check out how Europe has outright banned Carragenan from food but the US STILL PUTS IT IN BABY FORMULA!!!:

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