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Informant to CIA breaks silence about WMD in Iraq: SHAKES WORLD!

There is an all too familiar teacher from my high school days. Too much she reminded me of an authoritarian nut—and most kids hurried every semester to make sure they didn’t get her as a teacher (We will call her Ms. E for humor purposes).

Now, it was quite comical that we read books like 1984, very bright crowd pleasers while others that couldn’t hold up a candle to the former.

But it wasn’t until after leaving the dome of high school ignorance—being thrusted into the real world—that looking back on Ms. E as a former Facebook friend (I’ll get to why we aren’t friends anymore)… It happened when I looked through my Facebook feed and saw an active memory on her wall: that of her brother in full military garb with a rifle standing bombastically at the foot of a vacated throne for former leader Saddam Hussein.

To me—-from research of the Iraq Conflict—-and a look at how polarized the region had come dating back to Bush Sr., and even earlier when Eisenhower and the War-industrial Complex began trickling into the Middle East, meddling as the United States firstduring the 1953 Iranian coup d’état… Even if there were certain events when and where action was called for, there was no reason whatsoever to go to Iraq for phony:  Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The CIA was already beginning to crumble from within, homeland security—-the foundation—-which was set-up and prepared for major world and nuclear conflicts back to the days of the Cold War. The Defense departments were never prepared for the events leading up to 9/11.

Whistleblowers were the Time magazine’s Person/s of the year for 2002.

My late Grandfather, Lt. Colonel Donald Bruce McBride, was one of those whistle-blowers through McBride Research Associates.There is a document in my possession that was dated in January of 2001 and sent to President George Walker Bush. It warned of an impending disaster comparable to Pear Harbor from ‘Radical Islam,’ or a Coûp of misguided information.

Fast forward fifteen-years and now we have one of the farthest reaching networks of global terror and crime centered around the United States (Post-colonial) involvement in the Middle East, i.e. the second invasion of Iraq when the Hussein Regime was overthrown and he was eventually captured with a joint coalition in a fox-hole looking like a rat on December 13, 2003.

He was tried, convicted, and executed on December 30, 2006.

All who saw the brief cell-phone clip can remember the shock but glad relief of seeing Saddam hang dead.

We proudly imagined the banner of democracy dangling over the Iraq peoples’ hearts… It wasn’t long before this region became desolate and volatile. 

No different than Gaddafi in Libya, when Hillary Rodham Clinton proudly boasts in a CBS interview, “We came, We saw, He(Gaddafi) died!.”

This is the mentality we are dealing with.

And now, rattling the entire press, the whole world—-CIA Agent—says ‘We Got it all wrong.”

The agent—Like my Grandfather already said 30x to Bush during the letter—the worst intelligence failure in US history.

All the civilians that were murdered for no greater good. All the money, war-profiteering. The multinational war companies that made boatloads for what?

The greatest intelligence failure in US history!

And teachers in public school—Like Ms. E—-are preaching the alternative history of the crazed America propaganda machine behind the scenes. Then when you confront these people about projecting this mentality into the world—how do they respond:


Illogical Libtards.

In the reports, it was found that findings about (WMD) were either all-together ignored or blanketed. Obviously, the military-war industrial complex was not going in that conflict for WMDs, it was for war-profiteering because of the long perversion of our homeland security, becoming infiltrated by multinational arms dealers who have no interests but the eye on the dollar bill.

The story of this Agent, Murray, this informant to U.S Naji Sabri, who was Iraqs’ former foreign minister that defected from Saddam because he had killed his brother—And how there was a clear breach of intelligence getting to the President:

From the Daily Telegraph:

“The following day, Murray met the intermediary for a debriefing in a hotel room in New York. He was given the substance of the intelligence: ‘Saddam had intentions to have WMD, chemical, biological and nuclear, but the report was very clear about what he actually had at that point in time and he had virtually nothing.’

It was not what the White House wanted to hear. ‘I was told they were not happy.’

“Murray made notes of the debriefing on a yellow pad and then, as he had to catch a plane back to Washington, sent them to the office in New York to be typed up as a formal report. It was when he got to the airport that he saw Naji Sabri on a television screen addressing the UN, wearing his expensive, brand new suit. Murray was satisfied: ‘It was my new suit. It told me they were telling me the truth.’ Someone close to the story told me that President Bush had allegedly also seen the minister on television and pointed out that was the suit that he had paid for.”

It continues:

Murray believes his report had been used selectively. By whom and at what level he does not know, but he thinks he knows why. He says the intelligence was cherry picked. ‘Very bad intelligence got to the leadership very quickly but other intelligence just didn’t make it.’

Then, in a second source backing this claim, it finishes:

“Four months after Bill Murray debriefed the intermediary, another piece of dramatic intelligence came in, this time to MI6. In January 2003, now only three months before the war, a senior MI6 officer met another high-ranking member of Saddam’s inner circle, the head of Iraqi intelligence, Tahir Habbush Al Tikriti. After the invasion he became the Jack of Diamonds on America’s “Most Wanted” notorious Deck of Cards, with a reward of one million US dollars thought to be on offer. It appears the meeting took place on Habbush’s initiative. It was in Amman, Jordan.

It seems that the likely reason was an attempt by the regime to reach some kind of face-saving compromise that might avert the imminent invasion, perhaps by negotiating safe passage for Saddam out of Iraq. In the course of the discussion, Habbush told the MI6 officer that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

I asked Lord Butler if his Inquiry had been aware of the meeting and of what Habbush had said. ‘This was something which our review did miss.’ he said. ‘[There was] a mass of information, I think fifty thousand intelligence reports alone on Iraq. We were told [by MI6] that it was something designed by Saddam to mislead.”

Habbush is now thought to be living somewhere outside of Iraq, his escape allegedly organised by a Western intelligence agency.”

The guy who was the Jack of Diamonds is now protected by the American Government. This is the kind of nonsensical misinformation that perpetrated our federal government, homeland security, and has effects which have trickled down into every aspect of our and Iraqi life.

All this came to light a day after I published an Article exposing  how Monsanto, partnered with the US government in Vietnam, killing millions and exposing more to the deadly toxic Herbicide Orange (Agent Orange), but nowadays, Dictators like Saddam Hussein get lynched for using 1/1000th of the biochemical warfare that our own government used!!!

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