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Damascus Airport Bombed by Israeli Jets In Another Attempt For Land And Resource Theft

In the most recent display of Israeli aggression upon Middle Eastern neighbors, the Syrian Army command said on Friday that Israeli jets have bombed the Mezzeh Military airport west of Damascus. The Syrian command accused Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism, and warned them of the reprecussions of what has been called a “flagrant” attack… The Syrian news media were quoted saying that several rockets were fired from an area near Lake Tiberias in Northern Israel just after midnight.. The area is a major facility for Republican Guards and Special forces.

Israel has a long history of attacks on Palestine, Syrian, and Jorden interests… One tragic event deemed by the United Nations as a humanitarian disaster killed over 448 children back in August of 2014. 2,502 more were injured.

Not only does the American media completely neglect these events, but the mainstream news goes as far as to cover up and rewrite the narrative as Islamic aggression.

This has been a conflict going back to the Balfour declaration of 1917 when UK’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour penned a letter to Walter Rothschild, international banker and avid leader in the British Jewish community.

There is a long history of conflict between Israel and it’s neighbors, where in many cases Israel has walked away with more land like the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 where  700 thousand Palestinian residents were forcibly removed from the Gaza strip, West Bank, Galilee, and parts of Negev. Israel kept over 60% of the land that was promised to the Arab state in the former UN resolution. 

Just like Israel, the United States has dropped over 22,110 bombs in Iraq and Syria, a small handful in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan… Yet there has been almost zero success in thwarting global terrorist networks that now plague Europe and the rest of the western world.

Obama and United States was shamed by Putin for not bombing Isis Oil fields. From MoonofAlabama.org, there is factual indication that the United States has actually gone out of its way not to bomb the Isis Oil fields–Money machines–that have produced millions of barrels of crude oil that has seeped into Turkey (as Turkish President Erdogan has claimed he has hard evidence that the US supported Isis growth.):

“The U.S. did not start bombing the Islamic State’s oil infrastructure and oil distribution system until the Russian president Putin shamed U.S. President Obama at the G20. Putin showed around satellite pictures of huge oil truck assemblies waiting in the desert to be filled. These were through 13 month of bombing left completely unmolested by U.S. air strikes. The U.S. then bombed a bit and claimed to have destroyed 116 waiting oil trucks while the Russians claimed to have destroyed over 1,000.”

Seeing how Israel uses conflicts against arabs to wage wars for military-industrial profits and land theft, why would Israel, or the United States for that matter, want to bomb the oil fields they intend to swoop up later… The US and Israel has been in a joint effort to topple the Assad Regime. There is only one natural consequence after the Assad is gone—material acquisition, i.e. turning over a profit.

Why one may ask, do law-abiding Americans support such blatant corruption?

The roots are directly tied into how the majority of Americans practice religion, notions that have directly proposed that Christians and Israeli Jews are ‘the chosen people of God.’

Do the chosen people act this way?

Do they kill children? Bomb civilians? Steal land at any price?

America must wait and see if this is the next step following this blatant attack on Syrian military forces.


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