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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Rule Out #HillaryforPrison

Former Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions has been repeatedly opposed and attacked as the Attorney General nominee. His views have been questioned and riduculed by leftist Democrats…. California Senator Diane Feinstein reminded the committee that Sessions would be asked to advocate for the law rather than for his political beliefs while probed about the following issues: civil rights, abortion, hate crimes, discrimination, past remarks on what Trump as said about women (as if that has something to with Sessions’ nomination), Trumps concerns about illegal voting, global warming, and one of the bigger issues, Hilary Rodham Clinton’s persecution. This approach seems as if to warn him that he must give politically correct responses to each of the topics.

Sessions has a history of anti-liberal political views to the point of being called a racist, which is the card the Democrats use on any politician who is against their leftist–Globalist—ideologies… According to Washington Post, in 1986 Sessions had been defended himself against such accusations and replied, “I am not the Jeff Sessions my detractors have tried to create…I am not a racist, I am not insensitive to the blacks.”

This is the same man who was involved in the civil rights movement, not only demanding blacks to be registered to vote during a peaceful protest, but also calling on a voter registration action that prohibits voter discrimination at polls.

Sessions avidly supports Trump in his plans to push back illegal immigration and reduce job prospects and benefits to  illegals in order to help the average low-income American citizen who would otherwise take those opprotunities … He argues immigrants are accumulating billions in welfare payments, committing crimes, and stealing job—all of which is very true. He claims, the issue of immigration has less to do with the migration of peoples from poverty stricken areas, but instead, relating to the Globalist agenda to keep a permanent underclass of low-wage workers, as seen first handedly in the mass-agricultural scam of the globalist elite in California and similar regions that exploit this form of modern day serfdom.

This is how the left operate, divert and distract…

Jeff Session is more than qualified to serve as Attorney General of the United States. From early on, Sessions has fought against segregation and the Klu Klux Klan in Alabama.

In one of the most aggressive attacks upon Sessions, Sen Patrick Leahy (D-VT) grilled Sessions on Trump’s infamous Access hollywood tape. It went, “Is grabbing a woman by her genitals without consent, is that sexual assault?” Leahy asked Sessions, referring to Trump’s comment about “grabbing” women “by the pussy” “when you’re a star.”

On one of the most prevalent subjects in the 2016 election—Hilary Clinton’s corporate corruption and outright lies—Sessions had said,”The proper thing for me to do would be to recuse myself in anything involving Secretary Clinton that were raised in the campaign.” He continued to discuss the conflict of interest involving Current Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her handling of Clinton’s probe, “No, she did not officially recuse and there is a procedure for that for me to follow,” Sessions said, assuring the committee that he would follow the formal procedure “We can never have a political dispute turning to a criminal dispute.”

Although he wants to distance himself from any official charges against Hillary, he did not rule out a continued investigation into Benghazi, the e-mail leaks, and lying about a private server under federal oath.

This would be the bread and butter of Jeff Sessions nomination as Attorney General, accountability to the corruption in Washington DC… Trump Supporters—particularly the ones who joined the #Hillaryforprison bandwagon—wait eagerly to see how this will play out. Nothing would be better to see her mugshot, and a prison sentence for all the crimes she has committed against humanity and the United States.

We eagerly await the future…

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