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Foreign Companies Buy Up US Toll Roads

Many states have filled holes in their budgets by selling American Roadways to Foreign investors. In 2006, a famous case is when Indiana put into effect a 75-year lease. From 2006-2011, the charge for five-axel trucks spiked from $14 to $32. The same company has bought six more major U.S. Roadways.

Cintra is a Spanish company that has signed previous deals for 99-years of control. Ferrovial, Cintra’s parent company, has hopes of building a new toll road parallel to U.S. 460 in Virginia.

This is straight from a USA TODAY Article:

“Robert Poole, transportation director for the conservative think tank Reason Foundation, said private investors can raise more money than politicians to build new roads because these kind of owners are willing to raise tolls.

“They depoliticize the tolling decision,” Poole said. Besides, he said, foreign companies have purchased infrastructure in Europe for years; only now are U.S. companies beginning to get into the business of buying roads and bridges…”

It’s a good thing for raising money because it makes American Citizens pay more to travel? And Poole is supposed to be a conservative???

Furthermore, it is not a good sign at all that these companies have been buying up infrastructure in Europe. This only reinforces the facts that these ‘globalist’ companies will stop at nothing to reduce American Citizens to a permanent state of Serfdom, overtaxations—and control… We can’t even travel our freeways without paying the globalists our hard earned cash.

What a disgrace!!!!

Also from Corpwatch.org

“Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who championed his state’s toll road deal, now wants investors to build and operate a toll road from Indianapolis to Evansville.

Patrick Bauer, the Indiana House’s Democratic leader, says such deals are taxpayer rip-offs.

Bauer believes Macquarie-Cintra could make $133 billion over the 75-year life of the Indiana Toll Road lease for which Indiana got $3.8 billion.

“In five, maybe 10 years, all that money is gone, and the tolls keep rising and the money keeps flowing into the foreign coffers,” Bauer said.

Orange County, Calif., got burned by a toll-road lease for a different reason.

The road, part of state Route 91, was built and run for $130 million by California Private Transportation Company, partly owned by France-based Compagnie Financiere et Industrielle des Autoroutes. The toll road opened in 1995.

Seven years later, Orange County was looking at gridlock. But it could not build more roads because of a provision in the lease. So it bought back the lease for $207.5 million.”

The globalists in our government is willing to do anything to destroy the legitimacy of our free life. More taxes, more control, a permanent underclass of home renters and cheap labor…

There are reports from all over the United States that the toll roads have the largest effect on the locals, commuters having to pay outrageous toll fees for a brief ride to get to work or home….

The globalists at work, once again!

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