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The Left is at it again—creating a phony issue out of custom uniforms for religious purposes!!

In a recent ruling, the U.S. Military has eased uniform mandates for persons of religious background. In fact—most people don’t know–this has been a longstanding ruling for decades. If a person has special religious beliefs—as Muslims with beards or Turbans– or Sikhs with special head dress, the Pentagon has now made moves to appeal to these patriots.

There is now widespread panic in some of the military community, mostly caused by the mainstream medias false narrative of the issue. In reality, this has been around for quite some time, except in the past these individuals have had to jump through bureaucratic loops to appeal to a special committee before they could wear such religious garb or physical alterations to the military’s standard appearance provisions.

This ruling has opened the door so that many more Muslims, Jews, and Sikhs could feel incorporated into a military which otherwise would reject their spiritual beliefs.

Why the widespread panic?

Xenophobia? Religionism which deems these people unworthy?

Either way, the leftist media is using this in another attempt to highlight phony discrimination that was never there in the first place. Again, these provisions were already in place decades before the media brought light to the issue.

Diversity, unique heritage, is what makes our country beautiful and great.

There is the saying,

‘You will never find an atheist in a foxhole!’

Not only is this true, but there are thousands of persons of diverse religious backgrounds, including Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Mormons, Hare Krishnas, buried together at Arlington National Cemetery—a clear symbol that this ruling which opens more doors for these patriotic persons is not contrary to discipline or military order, but rather, another step in the direction of what our Constitution had meant by the Establishment Clause.


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