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The Real “Global Warning” of Global Warming

Science Alert reports, that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had mis-calculated the temperatures of the ocean over the years that had supported the evidence of a global warming taken place. “There is no perfect measurement system, particularly over long periods of time,” Chistian Science Monitor representative, Eva Botkin Kowaki states(1). At first the NOAA was getting these miscalculated temperatures from using a ship-based system of which the ships measure ocean water piped through an engine room, causing scientist to receive an inaccurate reading. The NOAA then went beyond the traditional ship based system that was claimed as “biased” and thus began a diverse approach of testing ocean temperatures from several other instruments such as satellite and Argo “robotic” floats(2). They found as a result of testing with different instruments that the ocean wasn’t heating up as rapidly as they thought, but is warming slowly at a rate of 0.12-0.22 Fahrenheit (1,2)over the past decade, but this not the real global warning of global warming……

Methane gas is more of a threat to this climate change we call global warming than any other gas released into the air, and nothing releases more methane gas than animals who are doomed for slaughter. Methane is 23x more powerful than that of the common carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles(3). Billions of livestock release dozens of polluting gases, including ammonia and this is due to the fact that these animals are pumped with all kinds of hormones and antibiotics and are fed primarily on corn and rye-grass rather than grass. These medications and the low nutrient diet given interferes with the complex digestive system of the cows to the point where these animals are constantly releasing harmful gases and wastes into the air and water supply! An Average cow can belch/fart up to 52-132 gallons of methane gas per day because the corporate meat industries obviously seek to save money on livestock feed to increase profit(3). With those numbers, the amount of times per day they secrete due to their unethical diets is probably mind blowing and just as harmful to the environment, as these countless secretions that are loaded with anti-biotics and artificial synthetic hormones are getting into the U.S. water supply and into our bodies, while throwing off ecosystems all across the U.S. AND threatening marine life in the process. Just check out the documentaries, “River of Waste”, or “Cowspiracy,” and the facts are all there.

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