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Sanctuary City Officials Wont Confront Immigration

This afternoon, we reached out to the the Mayor of Santa Maria Alice Patino, the first female mayor in the City’s history. Santa Maria has been plagued with crime in 2016, and the blood and the streets has been tampered by crackdown on illegal criminal gang activity.

Many of the murders are young criminal gang members. And what do the elite do when we visited?

Trump is a shark. The photo of him is pasted over another image. Rep Salud Carbajal didn’t assume office until Jan 3, 2017… Does this mean that the image beneath could have been Hilary since the same banner they purchased would be one with the New President printed on it?

They were allocating $26,000 to a government project. We could hear from outside the old wooden doors.

This is what our government has come down to. It is run by elite who care nothing of the crisis except for what they could profiteer from.

In one report of the city,  In just last month, Santa Maria saw more murders than all the cities of Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose combined. Fry,” 

They live in gated communities beyond the effects of this American Carnage, to local Mayor Alice Patino, we call for a complete investigation into why the 287G Immigration Enforcement Program has yet to be implemented within your city. As an elected official, it is imperative that you fix this problem or questions shall be raised to the legitimacy of your Authority.

You are welcome to come on the broadcast to discuss your steps to enforcing this immigration crisis into the laws of your city, state, and federal authorities.

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