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Vaccinations linked to FATAL Peanut allergies!

I remember on our recent flight to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, a flight attendant announced that they were not going to be serving peanuts due to a passenger’s severe peanut allergy. I remember flying delta many times before and never hearing such a thing, and thought to myself that why not have the pass on the bag of peanuts….  you may ask how on God’s green earth do vaccines have anything to do with peanut allergies, the deadliest type of food allergy that there is today. In fact a peanut allergy is so deadly that just the smell of peanuts can send a victim into shock and straight to the emergency room in minutes! The most common vaccination that causes peanut allergies is actually the flu shot. A natural news source points out that flu shots are not suppose to be given every year, but only once in a person’s lifetime, yet the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that every child receive a flu vaccine once a year. Even just getting it once can cause peanut allergies. This is because the vaccine industry uses peanut oil as a base for the vaccine, along with toxic mercury and an inactive flu virus. According to Dr. Bellonzi of Nutrition Austin, Texas, he believes immunizations are “priming” the immune system to attack as soon as it identifies not just an inactivated virus, but other ingredients along with it, in this case peanut oil…

The immune system not only attacks, but over-reacts to peanuts and peanut products (as though it were literally part of the flu virus), when entered straight into the blood stream triggering a shock known as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of this horrible phenomenon include airway blockage, swelling of the throat, drop in blood pressure, dizziness, loss of consciousness and death. Peanuts have been banned from public schools now that this allergy has become more prevalent year after year.

Back in 1997, 20 years ago only 1 out of 250 children would fall victim to peanut allergies. In 1999 however, combo-vaccine shots started to appear and kids started to receive 36-50 vaccinations before the age of 12 and is still going on today. By 2002 1 out of 50 children were likely to catch a peanut allergy through vaccinations. Vaccines have actually increased by 414% since 1950!


Back then, kids only received 7 shots before the age of 6, and 10 shots in the 1980s and again the number of shots seemed to have quadrupled. This is because each vaccine on the recommended list for children is worth a billion in income for the industry. No wonder vaccinations are always being pushed by doctors, certainly not for the good of health or  humanity. When it comes to a lifetime long peanut allergy that could seem like a terrible disease, much worst for people like myself who have a gluten intolerance that only affects my body if I eat it everyday for a half a week, the risk of getting the flu or even the measles or chicken pox is just not worth it. Eileen Dannemann of vaccineliberationarmy.com mentions each flu shot or any vaccine for that matter contains 25 mcgs of mercury, therefore as soon as a child reaches 6 they would have already gotten a staggering mercury dose of 150 mcgs and above!!!

Fact: President Donald Trump has never gotten a flu shot in his life, and neither should you or your children.


by Miss Spurigo

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