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National Parks and Monuments closed by Government shut-down

Donald Trump blasted the democrats for ‘shutting down the federal government over partisan politics in a series of tweets that trolled out in the last day,

While leaders in the Senate on Wednesday morning were finalizing a deal to end the government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans in the House were taking some final swipes at each other — specifically, for the closure of certain National Park Service parks and monuments.

The NPS represents just one-fifteenth of one percent of the federal budget, but its curtailed services during the shutdown — particularly the barricades put up around the World War II Memorial in Washington — have become a symbol held up by both Democrats and Republicans as an example of what’s wrong with Washington.

“Why were veterans turned away from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., asked Wednesday at a hearing convened to find out whether the National Park Service (NPS) closures during the shutdown were made as painful as possible for political reasons.

“Why were members of the Americans’ finest generation in their 80s and 90s turned away and told they could not visit what would be undoubtedly in many cases their last time at those monuments?” Issa asked. “Why were private businesses and nonprofits operating near park land shuttered?”1

Trump tweeted more, criticizing the Democrats who have attempted to block his National Security ban of seven terrorist filled countries and the ICE illegal criminal order that is being tangled up in the 9th Circuit.


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