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Youtube revenue dropping significantly by major company boycott over “controversial content”

For some independent video creators, YouTube’s dependability as a primary revenue stream has abruptly come to a close thanks to its new advertising regulations, forcing people who make a living off the platform to consider a future without it.

Last month Google—YouTube’s owner—announced a range of “expanded safeguards for advertisers ” in the wake of mounting complaints from the likes of AT&T, Walmart and the British government , all of whom staged a boycott of advertising on the platform after their ads appeared next to offensive and in some cases extremist content (in some cases terrorist recruitment videos or KKK propaganda). In rectifying the situation, Google made it easy for brands to pull their advertising from content that was “potentially objectionable,” leading to a huge drop in income for creators whose videos did not fit into the safest content bracket, a group including political talk shows and many comedians.

It’s the latter who are now starting to voice their concerns over the restrictions which this places on their content, and articulating a desire to move elsewhere. In one example, hosts of the 3.8 million subscriber channel h3h3Productions explain the “crossroads” that the ad restrictions have brought them to, and run through the range of their videos that have been demonetized following the change:1


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