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Israelis Caught Harvesting Organs from Dead Syrian Refugees

written by Miss Spurigo

The very same country, Israel who helped start the war in Syria, had refused to take in any Syrian Refugees, yet benefit from the war profits and oil reserves have been taking it a step further, making other types of profits.

Israel has been caught harvesting organs from at least 18,000 innocent dead Syrian civilians since the outbreak of war in 2012. According to Damascus University, Israeli authorities routinely take the organs from dead Syrian children and adults and then sell them on the black market for use in organ transplants.

Awdnews.com reports: A 2001 BBC report disclosed that Israel per capita stands as the world’s largest recipient nation for organ transplants yet is the country with the fewest organ donors. The problem is additionally compounded by the fact that the Tel Aviv government including the Minister of Defense has historically encouraged the practice, only making organ harvesting and trafficking illegal in 2008.

A 1984 law made human organ trafficking illegal in America. But the first case in the US occurred in July 2009 when an Israeli citizen living in New York who paid donors in Israel $10,000 was arrested trying to sell them for $120,000 each to three Americans in need of kidney transplants….



Unfortunately Israel has a dark history with organ harvesting scandals, not to mention human and animal sacrificing, which had been prevalent in the Jewish religion for thousands of years, causing a rise in “anti-semetism.”(these are not the God chosen Israelites aka children of Abraham Jesus referred to in the bible, but fake Jews who worship lucifer, profiting from immorality…read John 8.) Israel was also said to be number 1 in organ harvesting and sex trafficking according to Justice4Poland.

Here’s a youtube video by reallygraceful, which show the role Israel plays in the Syrian War, how the war was manufactured by Globalists to get Syria’s resources for themselves, start ISIS, etc.

sources in bold.

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