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Turkish President Erdogan: New form of ‘Jihad,’ Love for the Nation-state!!!

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to behead traitors in an emotional address to tens of thousands of people on the first anniversary of the country’s failed military coup.

 Mr Erdogan told the vast, flag-waving crowd the attempt to end his more than a decade-long rule was “not the first attack against our country, and it won’t be the last”.

“Exactly a year ago today, around this hour, a treacherous attempt took place,” he said.

Then, referring to a series of terror attacks that hit Turkey over the last year, he added: “For that reason, we’ll first cut the heads off of these traitors.”

Mr Erdogan took part in a national unity march in Istanbul, converging at the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge, formally called the Bosphorus Bridge, to remember 250 people who died on this day last year trying to resist the coup.

Accompanied by his family and the families of the deceased, he inaugurated a hollow, globe-shaped monument featuring the names of the victims near the foot of the bridge.

The bridge was the scene of clashes between civilians and soldiers in tanks. At least 30 people died there and more than 2,000 were injured across Turkey in the struggle. Thirty-five coup plot

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