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How Deep State Engineered Las Vegas Mass Shooting?!?

The Deep state has been destroying President Donald J Trumps legacy for some time, career holdovers in both the Shadow Government and Bureaucracy….


At first, MSM news sources called shooter a white nationalist… (old communist disinfo tactic called Black propaganda)

There were reports of two shooters… Social media exploded with Marilou Delaney (Asain female) and a Nissan car description. (Diversion)

Then it was discovered that the shooter had an automatic rifle. (Sources not confirmed but the sounds in live videos clearly deatail yes).

Next, we learned the shooter came from a 32 story nearby hotel… Sniper style

Finally, We learned the shooter had or has ongoing connections to Lockheed Martin, among the biggest contractor.

***the video above seems like a very strange, eerie detail in what could be a very nasty reality beneath the MSM portrayal.

VAULT NEWS has interviewed Ken Rhoades & Pastor Dave, as witnesses to the Amplihpone or similar technologies. (Type TARGETTED INDIVIDUALS in website search bar for more info)

Unless the MSM doesn’t release the video surveillance, there’s no way to be sure that the shooter wasn’t set up and tied to a suicide chair in order to engineer a political end—gun control.




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