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New York City Christopher Columbus statue is on 24-hour watch

The NYPD has placed the old marble statue near Central Park under 24/7 security to prevent it from being vandalized before the controversial holiday on Monday.

Round-the-clock security for the statue gives it the same threat-level status as such notable targets as the Israeli mission to the U.N., the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Trump Tower and the mayor himself.

The NYPD declined to comment on threats to the statue but cited recent efforts to deface the Columbus monument.

The monument of the Italian explorer was vandalized twice in September—once with pink nail polish, and once with red paint.

“In light of recent vandalism, the NYPD has assigned patrol resources to maintain a post in the vicinity of the Columbus Statue,” the NYPD said in a statement.

A Newsweek reporter visited the Columbus Circle site on Friday and confirmed that at least one officer was indeed guarding a statue.

Of course social media has ridiculed the heightened protection.

“Unreal that we have to post police officers to watch over a statue,” said Twitter user @sheriff_marty.

“This has nothing to do with Columbus, just vandals who should be charged with a federal crime. Make it a National Monument like it should be,” said Twitter user @Royrogue25.


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