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Amazing plant-based remedies to fight insomnia

Insomnia is more common than you think, in fact according to “The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,” by Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno, Insomnia is one of the most common complaints seen by physicians. Within the course of a year, up to 30% of the population suffers from insomnia, and 10% has chronic insomnia. What’s worst is nearly 100 million prescription drugs are written for insomnia each year, and none of them get to the absolute root of the problem, but make people more dependent on these drugs.

There are many kinds of plant based remedies, herbs that have sedative effects to fight insomnia. The best thing about herbs is that the body can recognize their biological, chemical make-up as if they were vegetables, whereas prescriptions cause unnecessary side effects that can be dangerous because they are not from nature.  Let’s get down to the plants!

Valerian: Used to insomnia deriving from anxiety and stress. Works synergistically with St. John’s Wort to have same effect as anti-depressant, amitryptiline, but without the side effects. Treats other issues like muscle spasms, stress, digestive or menstrual cramps, and hypertension.


Valerian root is natural sleep assistant that helps with the deep regulatory state

St. John Wort: Popular herb for depression and anxiety. Can replace prozac. The oil treats bruises, burns, and wounds. Works with valerian.

Camomile: Used as a popular tea for it’s calming effect. Helps fight stomach ulcers. Tincture and oil  are used as an anti-septic for many types of wounds. Works with valerian, passionflower, skullcap, and oatstraw for insomnia.

Skullcap: Popular in treating a range of nerve disorders, relieves headaches, induces sleep, helps withdrawal from tranquilizers. It is extremely valuable for fighting fighting mental disorders and rebalances the mind.

Hops: Has a soothing effect, it’s juice cleanses the blood, and relieves nervous tension.

Passionflower: A heart tonic for high blood pressure, heart palpitations, treats anxiety onset insomnia, relaxes the nerves, works with valerian, camomile, and others.

Lemon balm: Used to benefit the nervous system, has sedative effects, relieves tension, lifts mood, enhances relaxation, and works with plants used for insomnia.

Wolf berry (Goji): An extremely valuable and super plant and super food. It helps every function in the body! Goji has a high anti-oxidant content, anti-cancer, protects from brain cell damage, liver damage, helps improve the immune system, and vision.






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