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Isis Drops Chemical Weapons from Drones

Isis has been notoriously brutal against civilian populations, any resistance to their authoritarian regime. They are a mark-up of power and chaos that had endured during the plight from 2 foreign wars, followed by zero effort to focus on Infrastructural building. Not to mention the lawlessness promoted by Barack Obama, really just a joke of a politician who gave zero assistance to forces in that region.

Donald Trump has the ball in his court to destroy this mass, chaotic outgrowth of weapons deals and failed policy… Now that the world sat by and watched when Kim Jung Nam was killed by a banned chemical weapon, it is very frightening to know what the globalists might try to destroy the species anymore. Isis gets ahold of some anthrax, or biological threat—we are toast.

There is no way to defend against that threat. No agency. No government foresight committee that can protect us against the threats of biological war.

This is a report from the Wall Street Journal:

On Thursday, three rockets containing a chemical were fired at civilians in eastern Mosul, according to eyewitnesses and people injured in the attack.

A spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross said injuries from the attack were due at least in part to some sort of chemical.

At a hospital an hour away in the Kurdish city of Erbil, a young boy injured in the attacks lay in a hospital bed with his eyes swollen shut.

“The smoke from the rocket had a very bad smell,” said Wisham Rashid, another victim who had fared better in the attack and was standing in one of the hospital hallways. “It was very hot on our hands and on our tongues.”


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