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Uber is not the culprit behind peddling ‘self-driving cars,’ It’s Google!

Uber has been trapped in a huge financial fiasco that has cost the company billions in revenue.1 They have become so desperate to find new avenues of income that the company has flocked toward automated vehicles, and even previewing flying cars…. It all sounds fine and dandy when the comic book nerds masturbate at the thought of a futuristic Back to the Future world, but quite seriously, these lunatics need to think more in terms of the lasting impacts on all the blue collar workers—-the jobs that would be destroyed by such artificial idiocy—and lets not leave out all the bloodshed and carnage that must go into just test-running such deadly forms of transportation(death at Auto show2) (Arizona accident3).


Now it is released that Uber’s Vice President of the automated-vehicle program,

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber said Tuesday that it had fired Anthony Levandowski, a star engineer brought in to lead the company’s self-driving automobile efforts who was accused of stealing trade secrets when he left a job at Google.

What Mr. Levandowski did when he quit Google to start his own company, Otto, which was acquired by Uber for nearly $700 million last year, is the key question in a closely watched lawsuit that pits one of the world’s most powerful companies against Uber, a richly financed up-and-comer.4

Incidentally, it comes to light that Google was using Uber as a means to launch their artificial agenda, including Alphabet’s CEO Eric Schmidt who called ‘big data more valuable than oil.’

The firing of this puppeteer is but a ripping away of one dimesion to the Deep state that Google is intertwined into, including Quantum Computer Projects5, and teaming up with defense contractors like Lockheed Martin toward creating Wifi that can penetrate through 3 ft concrete.

Uber is but a desperate pawn-cuckold to Google’s larger agenda, a globalist plan to invade the home and destroy the 4th Amendment at all costs while simultaneously crippling the already struggling blue collar and working classes.

Over 14,000 documents about self-driving technology was said to have originated from Google’s parent company, Alphabet, a subsidiary called Waymo that has been used on the streets, perhaps even when the Arizona car crashed nearly flipping and killing another person, also the links to the Mass. deaths from a strange automated SUV. 

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