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Alexandria Park shooting tied to Pizza Gate?

written by Miss Spurigo

(note: The congressional baseball game for charity at Alexandria park and other locations had been supporting the Boys and Girls Club…donations which possibly fund the fight against human trafficking.)

BREAKING NEWS: the Alexandria Park incident was no coincidence as it had been privately coordinated.  The fact that gunman James Hodgkinson went on a rampage because he was upset over the rigged election against Sanders was used as an excuse to shoot Congressman Steve Scalise. Hodgkinson’s wife speaks out about the incident, showing signs of indifference and lack of compassion for the victims. She then makes a suspicious claim that she remembers her husband taking a trip to Washington D.C. for “tax stuff,” before the shooting. Coincidence?

According to video below, Scalise was “actively seeking to stop pedophilia and trying to pass bills to target child predators.”  U.S Rep. Brad Wenstrup who is also a doctor had performed CPR after Scalise was injured, admits, “It’s as is easy as ordering a pizza, to order a person.”

This recent video came out 3 weeks before the shooting, shows Scalise was actively involved in stopping human trafficking:






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