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Is a civil war imminent in America?

written by Michael Murphy

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This morning I started my day much the same as I normally do, I woke up 20 minutes late–searched the house for my keys–and my left boot that my 3 year old daughter had again cleverly hidden. I then rushed out of the house down the back roads that snake their way from the rural country side of southern Maryland to the D.C metropolitan area, and the dreaded capital beltway traffic. About an hour into my commute the mornings commonality was abruptly ended by the reports an active shooter in Arlington, Virginia—a stone’s throw away from where I sat in traffic on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

As I listened to the story unfold my first thoughts were of the possibility that a Muslim jihad terrorist attack had taken place. But as more reports and eyewitness accounts poured in it quickly became clear that this terrorist was a beast bred here at home. A 66 year old brain washed leftist, hell bend on the destruction of our republic, our culture, and our very way of life.

With that in mind I began to consider the insanity and unrelenting thick headedness of the liberal leftists that surround me in my own life. My friends, my coworkers, my neighbor’s, even some of my family.

Having a polite political conversation with someone on the left is about as easy as threading a camel through the eye of a needle. They simply can’t be reasoned with. Logic is a foreign language and if not for double standards they would not have any standards at all. The leftist democratic agenda has become a religion and globalism is their god. They thoughtlessly follow their leaders and the lies of main stream media as if it was the gospel.

I need to accept that these people I am surrounded by are willing to do anything to force their ideology on the rest of us, in some cases that means simply disrupting everyday life, rioting to stop the free speech of any who disagrees with them, even killing if necessary.

And when you take into consideration the evilness of their heroes it’s easy to see what these lemmings are capable of, Hilary Clinton reportedly stealing 98% of the donated money keeping food from the mouths of  staving Haitians her foundation was supposed to be helping. Taking money for her campaign from country’s that throw gays from buildings and stone women to death, all the while claiming to be a champion of gay, and women’s rights. The genocidal eugenicist Margaret Sanger who said that “Blacks are like human weeds” then founded Planned Parenthood that now aborts babies or harvest their organs for sale..as well as other great leftists like Stallion, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot some of the most prolific killers of all time.

Don’t forget they also want you to hand over your guns so they can keep you “Safe”.

I’m not sure if we’re headed for a civil war in America, but with all that said, and the supposed “comedy” of shooting pictures holding up the bloody severed head of our president, I can’t count it out.

  This is the first article I’m writing for VigorVault.com so I feel I should introduce myself to all the readers.

I am married and am a father of three, I am a pro-life Christian, a conservative, and a proud American.

I have been interested in politics most of my adult life but only recently decided to become an active participant.

In this and any future articles I submit to vigorvault.com my only hope and goal is to share Thoughts.

Thoughts and perspectives from the mind of a common American .

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