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pic from RT news

Nationalists chant “fake news,” at CNN Headquarters

written by Miss Spurigo

Streaming live, just an hour ago is a protest against fake news had began out the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. When a women was asked by a Breitbart reporter since when has she stopped trusting mainstream news media she replied,

“For a about a few years now, but it’s only accelerated and gotten worst in the last year and half. I’m a military veteran. I’ve worked over seas and I’ve watched other countries as they are undermined and overturned. The two things that strike me are police, when they destabilize the police and second being media takeover; the propaganda machine in motion. Watching it happen on our own soil is absolutely terrifying to me. CNN and some others are PR behind the democratic party. They are signaling and messaging, not reporting the news. The end goal is to destabilize the Trump presidency.”

Two other women commented,

“Fake news promotes violence and gets people to do crazy things they wouldn’t otherwise do.”

The reporter asked the same question to three college students who publish an independent news paper for their school called, the Millennial Post. A young black student replied,

“A lot of us support Trump because at the end of the day we are all Americans: white, black, hispanic…we all want the best interests for America that’s why we like Trump. Right now America is dysfunctional because  of 8 years of terrible leadership. I want to grow up with confidence in my country. I didn’t have that confidence over the last 8 years, but I have it now.”

The other student added,

“One power we do have is we can turn the TV off. When we turn the TV off we shut down their ratings. When they don’t get ratings then they don’t get advertisements, no ads no revenue money. We can make that change now, just turn it off.”


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  1. “Nationalists”
    Oh, you mean like, PATRIOTS, unlike CNN which is contriving news for the Marxist fringe.
    Gotcha, your colours are showing.

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