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New Video: Seth Rich Murdered after questioning voter fraud year before!

written and reported by Miss Spurigo

New video recently published by Ken Fleming, showing Seth Rich questioning the committee about the legitimacy of the voter ballots:

Rich’s questions to the election commission took place months before the New York City’s Board of Elections stripped 126,000 Democratic Party voters from the rolls. The Bernie Sanders’ campaign called reports of the voting irregularities in the state “a disgrace,” according to Wnd.com. It is known that Rich, who was voter-expansion data director at the DNC for two years, was killed in 2016 in a shooting not far from his Washington residence and it was not due to a robbery like the Washington police had assumed, (as his valuables were still in his pockets when he was found dead), but was revealed through Wiki-leaks that his murder was linked to a plot within the Democratic Party to ensure Hillary Clinton would be nominated over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Kim Dotcom, a tech mogul with close ties to WikiLeaks, was part of an operation along with Rich to get stolen DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Dotcom revealed three of Rich’s email addresses that lead to his social media and Reddit accounts that pointed to evidence that Rich may have been a disgruntled Sanders supporter.

This naturally lead to Sanders supporters to file class-action lawsuits against the Democratic National Committee and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman for rigging the election. Jared Beck, who filed the lawsuit, Wilding et al vs. DNC Services Corporation and Deborah “Debbie” Wasserman-Schultz, on behalf of residents of 45 states against the DNC and its former chairwoman, is demanding the party repay individuals and Sanders supporters for contributions made during the election, alleging misappropriation of funds.

Vigor Vault’s Mike Overzat recently did an exclusive 35min. live interview with DNC voter fraud attorney, Elizabeth Beck, the partner of Jared Beck:






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