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Sterilization drugs found in Bill Gates’ tetanus vaccine

written by Miss Spurigo

Doctors in Kenya have accused UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of secretly trying to sterilize millions of women in Africa from a tetanus vaccine program. This is not surprising, considering have been seeking to decrease the population to put the New Order, One World Government into affect. 

According to LifeSiteNews, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association say that they have uncovered evidence of a mass sterilization program sponsored by the Kenyan government and funded by Bill Gates. Of course the Kenyan government denies there is anything wrong with the vaccine, and claims that it is perfectly safe. It has been noted that even our president Donald Trump has raised concerns over the regulation of vaccinations after he witnessed the short term, yet troublesome affect it had over his youngest son, Barron.

The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, however, saw evidence to the contrary to the tetanus vaccine being “perfectly safe” when they did a study in which they had six different samples of the vaccine from various locations around Kenya and then had them sent to an independent laboratory in South Africa for testing.

The results confirmed their worst fears: all six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen. The HCG antigen is used in anti-fertility vaccines, and was discovered in these tetanus vaccines targeted to young girls and women of childbearing age. Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated in a bulletin released November 4….

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There were questions raised by the group in regards to the tetanus vaccine campaign in Kenya  and it’s suspicions, such as to why were these vaccines were considered necessary if no “tetanus crisis in Kenya” had been declared? Why was the vaccine offered to women between the ages of 14 and 49 and not to boys and men? Why wasn’t a campaign launch for vaccines to prevent more serious illnesses that are more prevalent in Kenya?

The Beta HCG mentioned early is a problem when injected as a vaccine to a non-pregnant woman, because when combined with tetanus, a  toxoid develops antibodies against tetanus and HCG so that if a woman’s egg becomes fertilized, her own natural HCG will be destroyed causing her to become permanently infertile. This is especially useful as as a birth control method and population control method altogether!

Dr. Collins Tabu, the head of immunization at Kenya’s Health Ministry, however rejected this claim and said women immunized under the program in recent years actually were able to conceive. Dr. Ngare then responded,

“Either we are lying or the government is lying. But ask yourself, ‘What reason do the Catholic doctors have for lying?’ The Catholic Church has been here in Kenya providing health care and vaccinating for 100 years for longer than Kenya has existed as a country.

Usually we give a series three shots over two to three years, we give it anyone who comes into the clinic with an open wound, men, women or children. If this is intended to inoculate children in the womb, why give it to girls starting at 15 years? You cannot get married till you are 18.” (snopes.com)





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