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Transference of consciousness and the New World Order

written by Miss Spurigo

A new movie that was just released, “Get Out,” in fact has some truth to it….turns out experimental transference of consciousness into a new body is something that elite scientists like Sir Eccles have been working on since WW2.

Elites have been hiding classified advanced medical technologies, treatments, and cures from the public, including cancer and reverse aging. An article from Shots Health News published in December 2016 claims “Life expectancy drops for the first time in decades.” The lower classes, and even upper classes who are not part of the elites have to watch out for the cancer, heart disease, and diabetes epidemic. Steve Jobs is a perfect example of a billionaire who was trying to fight cancer naturally and lost. Why didn’t Jobs have access to these “hidden cures,” yet David Rockefeller received 7 heart transplants so he can live to a 100? This is just another example of how humanity has used technology to render their reality to become their own gods. (Whether Rockefeller’s consciousness was transferred into a younger body so he can see the New World Order plan go into affect is not known)

The video from Truthstorm Media goes into further detail around 8 minutes into the science behind the possibilities of this creepy sci-fi like phenomena:

This science lies within the the 1st Law of Thermodynamics: energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred. When the body dies the spirit is still conscious and transferred by God. Now there’s technology to transfer the spirit and to an extent, challenge God’s role.

These technologies will be accessible to our greatest known enemies of the century if they are not already, who obviously want to become immortal to terrorize the rest of humanity, but they are still the minority. These elites cannot prevent the majority uprising that will always and forever continue to work towards maintaining their sovereignty and freedom around the world. Together the majority is the ongoing opposing force that counteracts any negative energy and intention that threatens human survival and abundance. This is another energy that cannot be destroyed, not even by the elite.



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