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French President Macron thinks African People ‘Having too many babies…’

If Donald Trump had stood before 19 countries, his white skin practically gleaming under lights and television cameras, and said that Africa’s problems weren’t due to anything else but having too many kids and a “civilization problem” every liberal from Portland to Massachusetts would collectively shit themselves with rage. They would decry the inhumanity in Rightist thinking, its racism, and above all it’s desire to maintain a brutally hierarchical status-quo.

Question: why isn’t there the same level of anger when those words came from the French poster-boy of centrism, Emmanuel Macron?

“At a press conference at the G20 summit in Hamburg, on July 8 he was asked about a ‘Marshall Plan for Africa.’ The president gave a disquisition on Africa’s ‘real’ problems – among them, in his view, demographics. The continent’s true challenge was “civilizational,”…Where there are ‘7 or 8 children per woman,’ he said, spending billions is pointless.”

Rather than censure the French technocrat, the same one seeking to gut nearly every labor law currently creating one of the highest standards of living in the world, liberals and centrists are rushing to his aid, stammering that what Macron said was “taken out of context.”

Fresh from a gin-soaked weekend and with a scavenger’s sense for the rotten, I analyzed and read over the speech we radicals “misunderstood.” The unedited footage still sounds pretty goddamned racist to me, what with the whole blaming African women for daring to reproduce, but liberals are eager to point out Macron also cited “failed states” and “shaky democracies” as the reasons for Africa’s woes.

Please excuse the rough french of a Florida conjurer but are you miserable shitbats off your motherfucking rocker?

Where do you think “failed states” and “shaky democracies” come from? That somehow, some way African people are just incapable or running their own lives?

Why it couldn’t be the massive amount of money France has taken from Africa under a neo-imperialist and capitalist guise? Certainly it can’t be due to the fact that during the last 50 years, a total of 67 coups have happened in 26 countries in Africa? I guess we’ll ignore that fact that 16 of those countries are French ex-colonies, which means 61% of the coups happened in Francophone Africa.


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