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When it becomes racist to wear a cross!

Liberal panic is in full display when the Holy Cross becomes a symbol of supposed white supremacy (a term which never made sense to me since whites are quickly becoming one of the poorest demographics).1

  1. Indian American : $100,547[2]
  2. Jewish American : $97,500[3]
  3. Taiwanese American : $85,566[2]
  4. Filipino American : $82,389[2]
  5. Australian American : $81,452[4]
  6. Israeli American : $79,736[4]
  7. European American : $77,440[4]
  8. Russian American : $77,349[4]
  9. Greek American : $77,342[4]
  10. Lebanese American : $74,757[4

Asians, Jews, and Indians having among the highest income among all people….

But for some, this phony white supremacy has taken new meaning with any mention of a cross, representing this false narrative.

Every race should be proud of their heritage

Washington, DC police are in full damage control after a police cop was photographed wearing a racist t-shirt while on duty.

Officer Vincent Altiere was photographed in DC Superior Court – while on duty – wearing a shirt with a white supremacist “Celtic cross” and a grim reaper sporting a badge for the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC, The Washington Post reports.

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WASHINGTON — A Washington police officer is under investigation for wearing a T-shirt to court that an advocacy group says has a racist symbol and offensive images.

Local media report the unidentified officer was assigned to desk duty Friday and ordered to have no contact with the public, pending an investigation. Police Chief Peter Newsham called the T-shirt “disgraceful.”

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It is sad to see this brainwashing now targeting symbols of Christian heritage. My wife (who is semetic) wears a Celtic cross as a reminder of her years living in Europe, witnessing the archaic architecture which has countless Celtic crosses peering from the cathedrals… The media is sterilizing anything that expresses European heritage. And yet every other race color and creed can promote their own heritage—as the Indian reservations go as far as to resort to non-taxable status—all in the name of past ills that were never committed against them by persons who are long long dead. It’s bizzaro. But not as comical as the ‘White Retreats‘ now being pushed at public colleges under the presumption that taxpayer dollars should help teach whites about their solemn duty to whipe themselves clean of their biggotted ways… Or where was all the outrage when the Georgetown professor called whites inhuman. He walked away with a slap on the hand by the dean. Yet a cop who is exerting free speech with a symbol and a shirt which could mean any number of things—is now a white bigot… Even if it were a white supremacist symbol, who cares–white supremacy is a hoax!!!

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