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‘SOROS paid 4 million to beat me,’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells of his election loss and criminal contempt charge!!!

Paul Penzone is the new sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ that replaced Sheriff Joe Arpaio… After an off-the-record conversation with Arpaio today, we learned that Globalist billionaire George Soros put up over 4 million dollars for Penzone’s campaign… Arpaio claimed that it is a political publicity stunt in order to slander his 55-year law enforcement reputation–an attempt to hang Arpaio’s conviction up on the wall like a trophy deer head.

Furthermore, Arpaio stated that the criminal contempt charge is deligitimate from the start—as it is typically used in cases to expose sources of a witness on the bench who will not comply with the courts.

He called it a dog bite, a misdemeanor that has no foundation since the Trump administration could put an end to it instantly if Session’s justice department were to squash it in its tracks. We agreed that Trump is being fed faulty intelligence from those beneath him, as Sheriff Arpaio said, “Where are all my friends?”

Arpaio’s loyalties are still rooted with Trump’s efforts to secure the border, but he admits that there are big problems with building the wall as entire sections run through Indian territories, as well as local prohibitions holding it up.

Arpaio also made mention of Obama’s illegitimate birth certificate, and even told our sources that he predicted the refugee crisis in Europe years back when he visited and saw that the European borders lacked even basic checkpoints.

Also, it should be noted that Arpaio’s criminal contempt conviction comes from his actions as Sheriff enforcing ICE dating way back to 2007. The Soros funded opposition campaign brought about these charges right as Arpaio’s campaign for reelection kicked off this year. If he would have won, none of this would be ever occurred.

As his sentencing date approaches on October 8, Arpaio and his lawyer plan to appeal to 9th District court (another kangaroo court like the judge that sentenced him) and finally, an appeal to the Supreme court.

We both agreed that this could set a precedent for Sheriffs and law enforcement agents in a similar situation as Arpaio.

In fact, Arpaio and his attorney had already appealed to the Supreme court in order to get a trail-by-jury, instead of the liberal biased judge who found him guilty.

The media is in full attack mode–They smell blood,’ as Arpaio said. But he believes it is a laughable situation, as the ‘sleeping-giant’ public loves what he did for Maricopa county.

The new sheriff has gone as far as to shut down Arpaio’s famous tent city, a low budget holding facility for criminals in the county. In Arpaio’s book, America’s Toughest Sheriff, there are many parents who thanked Arpaio for the camp’s crime deterrence and low recidivism rates. The media tried very hard to paint the camps as inhumane, Arpaio brushing them off by stating, “If soldiers in the gulf war used them in the hot desert and were just fine… so can criminals.” Many criminals rejoiced when Arpaio was beaten… And that’s what you get when you elect a Soros funded Sheriff such as Penzone.

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