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All across US, abandoned Walmarts are converting to FEMA CAMPS (COG)

FEMA has been obssessed with COG (Continuity of Government) since RX-84, a program which would, ‘effectively suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, abolish free enterprise and seize up private property..’

FEMA’s COG programs are amongst the most secretive in the world… FEMA staffers are warned, ‘calling to say you will be home late could result in a fine or separation from your job!’

The COG programs really took off under Ronald Reagean’s Edwin Guiffrada, who was a secretive ex-California national guard officer. He became Reagan’s terrorist advisor and he founded the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI)…. Guiffrada helped purge California of it’s militant and peaceful protesters, Operation Cable Solider and Army’s Garden Plot..

Straight from a CSTI manual, ‘Legitimate violence is integral to our form of government, for it’s from this source that we can continue to purge our weaknesses.’

These are the guys who plan to run the show if there is ever a Coup and the Presidential motorcade spontaneously combusts on it’s way to the massive COG bunker in the Blue Ribbon mountains, VA….

Were the FEMA walmarts prepared for Harvey???? Rainmaking?!

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