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Fields of pigs to be bred in Matrix-like bio-factories, then murdered for organ transplants into humans

(Natural News) The latest horror story from the world of dangerous medicine and genetic engineering involves the mass breeding of pigs in bio-factories, to be murdered and organ harvested for human transplants. The New York Times, not surprisingly, celebrates this mass murder of conscious beings (pigs) in order to generate massive profits for the organ harvesting and transplant industry.

Missing in all this is any real discussion of:

  1. The horrendous medical ethics of growing and sacrificing conscious beings for their organs. Is this not a gross violation of the Hippocratic Oath?
  2. The profit incentive of the transplant industry to grow and mass murder animals for transplant profits.
  3. The question of whether all organ transplant candidates actually deserve replacement organs if they are living lifestyles that destroyed their own organs (smoking, substance abuse, alcohol addiction, etc.).

Most (but not all) transplant recipients, it turns out, are people who destroyed their own organs through substance abuse in the first place. Are bio-factories full of pigs now going to provide an endless stream of replacement organs for people who keep smoking, abusing alcohol and abusing recreational drugs while destroying their organs? Some other relevant questions in all this:

  • How many pigs must be murdered — and how many millions of dollars of health insurance payments — must be consumed in order to replace the organs of substance abusers who would otherwise not get a second, third or fourth chance?
  • Is their a limit for transplant organs for people who are substance abusers?
  • Should taxpayers have to foot the bill for endless organ transplants for people who choose to live horribly unhealthy lifestyles? And if Republicans say they don’t want to cover unlimited transplants for drug abusers, won’t they be accused of “literally killing people” for denying them health insurance coverage for an endless stream of organ transplants?
  • Will the practice of medicine now involve the mass murder of animals in order to supply a steady stream of transplant organs?

Coming next: Human babies grown in labs and sacrificed for organ harvesting

As I argue in my video below, the organ transplant industry is steeped in medical ethics violations and the mass murder of conscious beings. It won’t be long, I explain, before the industry will want to genetically engineer human babies to be grown for organ harvesting.


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