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Greedy Drug Company Bribes Doctors by using Fake Cancer Patients!

reported by Miss Spurigo

According to McCaskill’s report, Insys went so far as to block their out-going phone numbers, so calls couldn’t be traced back to the company. Further, this pharma company’s toxic scheme was so in-depth, “if an insurer needed a phone number for a return call, company employees ‘reportedly provided a 1-800 number manned by another Insys representative — instead of contact information for the prescribing physician.’”

If that doesn’t indicate at least a modicum of guilt, nothing does.

But it doesn’t just end with Insys’s network of dummy patients; that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Insys is also in hot water for allegedly bribing doctors with lofty kickbacks for getting in on their dirty deeds.

One of the biggest finds by the Senator’s report, however, is an audio clip revolving around a woman from New Jersey named Sarah Fuller. Fuller did not have cancer, but was prescribed Subsys by her doctor anyways. She died last year, after overdosing on Subsys. During the call, the Insys employee states they are calling from a doctor’s office and did their best to suggest Fuller had cancer, without ever actually saying what she was diagnosed with. The Insys employee stated Fuller had “breakthrough pain,” but explicitly left out the word “cancer.”


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