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Suspicious Laser Beams Appearing during California Fires!

Written by Miss Spurigo

Apocalyptic fires that people are describing as “unnatural “are burning from Santa Barbara through parts of southern California as well as near Northern California’s Bay Area. Schools have been shut down due to ashes in the air and thousands of people are being evacuated from their neighborhoods every day,  (this disaster does not exclude stars like Paris Hilton, Rob Lowe, and other celebrities) according to CBS news. A local resident from Ventura county reported how firefighters are allowing the brush burn in the wilderness areas in order to focus on containing fires around major cities and towns.

Californians have reported seeing blue laser lights during these fires and have even witnessed “intense spraying” as one man quoted:

“They sprayed in the skies for 15 out of 16 days. During which, the fires happened. I live in Southern California and I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass. Not natural fires.”

Another Californian claims, “That is not a real fire, organic fire, the flames are other worldly. Fires do not have so many miles of red-yellow flame. A real fire has black smoke not white and several areas of flames not an entire area of other wordy glowing plasma like flames.”

A surprising perspective from a firefighter,  “I’m Retired City of Austin Tex Firefighter 15 yrs….the blue beams are not at all normal…but the swirling fire upside down tornados are common and are normal. These shots and eyewitnesses are dead on and they agree over and over…..keep the narrow focus on the beams…the swirling fire upside down tornados that Extend from the Ground Skyward are not anomalies at all but the Beams are.”

There have been pages of documentation regarding this unusual phenomena, all aiming towards suspicious weather manipulation including heavy chem trails from days before, abnormal wind patterns, and of course blue lasers from the sky caught on cells phones.


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