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Globalists Ready North Korea For Regime Change Despite Peace Effort.

Here Is A Glimpse From A New York Times Piece, Where The Communist Mainstream Media Is Preparing NK For War As It Groomed Gaddafi, Saddam, and Libya before: “Give Up Your Guns And You Die Anyways.” Do You Really Think Kim Can Walk Away After The Massive Media Propaganda Campaign To Destroy Him? Even If Regime Change Doesn’t Happen While Trump Is In Office, Regime Change Often Happens Between The Transition Of Power In “Western Democracies.

The NYT is turning back the peace process. Part of it may be because of the mass media negative campaign against Trump, and it seeks to diminish Trump’s role in the negotiations–what should win him real Noble Peace Prize–not one Obama got one for simply being an African American in the WHITE House and supposedly embodying peace. 🤢🤢🤢

New York Times Article:

“Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade”

Invasion? Who ever mentioned killing American Boys To Invade NK? 

Do You Think The MSM Is Gong To Give Trump A Win? Or That It Will Let You Forget About All The Anti-North Korean Propaganda, Just As The Media Has Actively Pursued Destroying The Syrian Assad?

Even though the Assad And Russia Have Worked Side-by-side For Years To Defeat Isis? 

The Globalist Campaign is to destroy any nationalistic government that does not comply to the World Banking Order.

They know Kim isn’t going to lay down and surrender his borders, opening his country to all the unfettered exchange of culture, ideas, and degeneracy that western society attempts to push on every country on the planet. Kim wants the Korean Continent to be open to trade and barter and free market, but not to forget all the evil society degeneracy that it brings into a civilization.

If Kim gave up his guns (nuclear bombs), what protection would his country have from full destruction/ invasion by the open-borders New World Order?

His Country’s survival is exposed like an open wound just like Syria, Iraq, Libya–all the countries toppled by western media interventionism.




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