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Isis Drops Chemical Weapons from Drones

vault jihad

Isis has been notoriously brutal against civilian populations, any resistance to their authoritarian regime. They are a mark-up of power and chaos that had endured during the plight from 2 foreign wars, followed by zero effort to focus on Infrastructural ...

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Vaccinations linked to FATAL Peanut allergies!

I remember on our recent flight to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, a flight attendant announced that they were not going to be serving peanuts due to a passenger’s severe peanut allergy. I remember flying delta many times before and ...

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China Buys-up 2,200 McDonalds

In one of the largest single buy-outs of a fast-food franchise to date, China’s state-run organization Citic, Ltd. bought over 80% of the holdings from McDonalds Corporation.  The move comes at a time when Chinese/American relations have come under strain because ...

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