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Minimal living pushed by globalist system

written by Miss Spurigo The minimal lifestyle encourages families, couples, and hard working single people to live in crammed dorm-like “micro apartments” and shed-sized doll houses will be the future of ideal living situations for the middle class as it ...

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Globalist left want to end Father’s Day

posted by Miss Spurigo Part of the Globalist agenda: disregard and break apart the family communities. The Jeremy Davies article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jeremy-davies/three-reasons-why-fathers_b_17071648.html Another read from abcnews     

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Alexandria Park shooting tied to Pizza Gate?

written by Miss Spurigo (note: The congressional baseball game for charity at Alexandria park and other locations had been supporting the Boys and Girls Club…donations which possibly fund the fight against human trafficking.) BREAKING NEWS: the Alexandria Park incident was ...

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